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With Oktane you will spend an unforgettable day among the best stages of Lake Como. Don't miss this opportunity!


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Private Tour 1h

  • Villa Olmo
  • Villa Erba
  • Villa d'Este
  • Villa Troubetzkoy

Private Tour 2h

  • 1 hour Tour +
  • Villa Oleandra
  • Orrido di Nesso
  • Villa Pliniana

Private Tour 3h

  • 2 hours tour +
  • Isola Comacina
  • Villa Cassinella
  • Villa Balbianello

Customised Tours

€560 +150€/h
  • Request a private tour over 3 hours (150€)

Some more information

Large aft sundeck, a sun canopy to protect you during the hottest hours of the day, mini bar, a small nautical toilet, an aft ladder for a bath, radio, USB socket.  

Also available on board will be a book in Italian and English describing in a simple and informative way the history of 50 of the most beautiful villas on Lake Como, the texts are accompanied by 100 photographs.

Maximum of 6 persons including 5+1 although the approved seats are 8

The rental price excludes additional fuel costs Euro 50.00 per hour

Tour not suitable for pregnant women

Minors must be accompanied by an adult

Not accessible for wheelchairs and buggies

Not accessible to pets

an unforgettable experience

Treat yourself to a trip to Lake Como

Cruise the waters of Lake Como and explore many points of interest, including history, cinema and art.

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Visit the best of the Lake

Villa Olmo

Built in the late 18th century, Villa Olmo was a summer residence for the aristocrats of the time. Today, the villa is a museum and cultural centre that hosts art exhibitions and musical performances throughout the year.

Villa Erba

Built in the 19th century, this magnificent villa has been beautifully restored to its former glory and is now a popular event venue. Perfect for special events and weddings.

Villa Oleandra

Luxurious Villa on the shores of the Lake, owned by the famous actor George Clooney. A spectacular destination for those seeking an extreme luxury experience in one of Italy's most beautiful locations.

Isola Comacina

Isola Comacina is a fascinating island located on Lake Como, Italy. Rich in history, the island has seen battles and invasions over the centuries.

Fiume Orrido - Nesso

A narrow gorge with waterfalls and rushing rapids, offering an extraordinary visual spectacle of the power of nature. It can be visited and explored in its entirety.

Villa Balbianello

Located in Lenno, the villa is surrounded by lush gardens with a mixture of vegetation, statues and fountains. Very famous and in demand in the film industry.